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Our Chefs

Chef Ram

My first experience with cooking food was at the age of 6, helping my mum cook for a family gathering, and that was the beginning of my love with spices, ingredients and food. I grew up in a close knit village community, learning traditional recipes and techniques  from mum, aunties, uncles and neighbours. I come from province of Rajasthan, which is famous for its architecture, food and spices, so most of my dishes are influenced from Rajasthani cuisine. I have worked in various geographic locations from various cities in India to numerous countries in Europe and Middle East. 

Chef Manvi

I was brought up in the historical city of Amritsar, a city renowned for its gastronomical delights. Between the culinary extravaganza of my city and the wonderful home cooked delights of mum’s kitchen, I never felt  the pull to pick up spatula. The twist in story came when the girl fed on seekh kebaabs, fish tikkas and butter chicken, found herself in an english country town away from home.

While I enjoyed the serenity of the West country, I missed the tingling tastes from streets of Amritsar. These started the cravings that led me to Indian restaurants all over the England to find that perfect curry. Nothing, however, came close to the treats from my mum’s kitchen. Craving for my favourite dishes, I decided to do the job myself. This led to change of career from a Lecturer to a Chef.